Colin DeFord

Fat Brain Group, LP



The East Side has enormous potential for growth, and it is vital that  through thoughtful zoning and infrastructure, we work to keep the character of the East Side familiar, for many years to come.  Retaining the rural quality of life should be of utmost importance.



As our families grow, our community needs assurances that family members will be able to raise the next generation of children here, Current zoning is proving difficult in allowing property owners to divide land for our growing families. 



The East Side needs amenities, too; trails to connect our city centers, our churches, or even our streams,  so we may horseback ride, hike and move bicycles off of the streets. 


We can start by bringing gigabit-speed internet to the East side. This is a proven attractor for economic growth.

With the quality of life, the low cost of living and abundant outdoor amenities, we are ready to increase our property tax base.