Colin DeFord

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Outgoing councilperson Mcmullin endorses Colin DeFord


Colin DeFord is my choice for County Council Seat B. I have known Colin for eight years having appointed him (twice) to the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission and sponsored his membership in the Park City Rotary Club. Indeed, I recruited Colin to run for what has been my seat on the Summit County Council for two terms.

Why? Because, as he proved chairing the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission during more than a few thorny and controversial applications and General Plan/Development Code re-writes, Colin has the temperament, tenacity, and collaborative skills for the job. Colin is also open–minded, unbiased, well prepared and thoughtful. He has no agenda. He is a true problem solver. And, problem solving is exactly what Summit County needs with the constant pressure we face on many fronts including growth, traffic, affordable housing and mental health.

In sum, while I consider both candidates for Seat B to be friends and qualified for the job, Colin DeFord is unequivocally my choice for County Council Seat B. Please vote for Colin DeFord!

Claudia McMullin
Summit County Council member, Seat B


Colin DeFord has shown excellent judgment on commission

Have you ever sat through a Snyderville Basin Planning Commission hearing? If so, you would be particularly impressed by one voice, a voice that represents an articulate, judicious and insightful thought process. That voice belongs to Colin DeFord, a man now running for County Council.

Prior to attending Planning Commission hearings, I did not know Colin. But each and every time I was present, Colin consistently asked the hard questions of the applicant, ensuring that our community-crafted Neighborhood Plans were adhered to.

If you, like most of us, cannot make the many public hearings that ensure the community’s will is heard, then vote for Colin DeFord. He is a tireless community champion. He will guarantee that our Land Management codes and open-space protections are front and center during any conversations regarding new development.

Vote for Colin DeFord!

Debi Scoggan
Park City

THE park city board of realtors endorses colin deford





DeFord rises above partisan politics

Summit County is at a crossroads. In the near future, our County Council will need to make many decisions that will significantly impact on our daily lives and the core elements of what makes Summit County the place where we choose to live, recreate and raise our families. Thoughtful decision-making and vigilance over the implementation and continuing suitability of those decisions is paramount.

I have been a regular observer and occasional participant in Summit County planning decisions. That is where I got to know Colin DeFord and observe his leadership abilities as chairperson of the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission. Colin is consistently well-prepared, professional and willing to ask the right questions, which are sometimes also the hard questions. This demonstrates an openness to all sides of an issue and a desire to make fair and thoughtful decisions that are consistent with the best interests of Summit County as a whole.

As an unaffiliated voter, I pay little regard to party affiliations and make it a point to carefully consider several criteria when evaluating individual candidates for all levels of public office on the ballot. First, a candidate’s judgment, character and integrity are critical. Second, a candidate must have reasonable and consistent positions on important and relevant issues. Third, a candidate needs to demonstrate the ability to manage and advance those issues. Colin DeFord has my support based on these criteria and I am confident he is well-suited to serve all of Summit County as a member of the Summit County Council.

Please remember to vote and when it comes to casting your ballot for Summit County Council, Seat B, elect Colin DeFord.
Silver Creek

Richard J. Angell
Park City

DeFord lures voter from across the aisle

I moved to Summit County in 2004 for my love of skiing; living the quintessential ski-bum lifestyle. Over the years I have transitioned to a homeowner, successful young professional and a Snyderville Basin Planning Commissioner. I have watched our community grow and change.

As a Millennial entering into my 15th year of voting, I have never strayed from Democrat candidates. This year in the Summit County Council election, I am voting for a moderate Republican, Colin DeFord. Colin secured my vote by demonstrating he is the visionary leader Summit County needs (and does not fall into any political party cookie-cutter).

The future of our County is at a crossroad. We have tough decisions ahead for transportation, development, adequate services, housing and creating a diversified job base. These choices have implications on the economy, traffic, environment, and the high quality of life that we all currently enjoy. We need strong leadership in our County Council that will be proactive with these issues. I know that Colin DeFord is the best person for the job.

Colin listens. Colin looks at all facts before determining the best course of action as demonstrated in his thoughtful approaches on the Synderville Basin Planning Commission. Having interacted with policies on the Planning Commission, Colin understands the needed tools and updates for our future. Colin understands evolving technologies and what that means for communicating with residents on key issues, demonstrated by his continuous Nextdoor social media posts.

The role of an elected official is protecting the health and direction of the current residents. Colin continues to demonstrate that he puts the people and community first. Local government decisions directly impact our communities, families and friends. We need the best leaders to charter the path, and Colin DeFord’s character, dedication, vision and strength will get us there.

Colin has the makings of a true visionary leader. The only missing is your vote. I invite you to join me in voting for Colin DeFord.

Julia Brewer Reynolds
Park City

DeFord will bring fresh views to council

As I get ready to vote, I cannot help but to reflect on our past elections and how things turned out. I’ve learned a lot, to say the least. I’ve learned just because you vote on something and it passes, does not necessarily mean it will happen. In 2014, I was excited to vote for Prop 1 and hear that it passed. Residents would finally have a safe way to cross the six-lanes of State Road 224 at the Bear Hollow/Silver Springs intersection. Almost immediately after this, the County Council put this project on hold. It is now 2016, and not one ounce of movement with the crossing and I’m not sure the approved money we allocated to this crossing will ever be used the way it was promoted on the election ballot.

So this year I’m making sure I do my homework with what I’m voting on and whom I am voting for. The safe crossing on S.R. 224 is TOP priority for me. You do not have to be a genius to know, this intersection is DANGEROUS and no one should have to risk their life trying to cross, especially with a elementary school next door. What I have realized after sitting and speaking at many County Council meetings, is we need some other viewpoints within our County Council. I’m not saying our County Council is bad but, I do think it is good to have some new blood, to provide a new point of view. With this being said, I have been nothing but impressed with Colin DeFord.

Colin DeFord is the new blood we need. Colin will bring a younger perspective and as a father of two young daughters, will be able to align more and represent the younger Park City families. He has served on many boards, is currently serving his second term on the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission and was chair of the commission twice. He has extreme knowledge in communications and technology, which I believe is key to making our town thrive for the future. Colin has taken the time to meet and listen to concerns of our residents because he has genuine interest in this community.

I am looking for someone who is honest and remembers they represent the community and not themselves. Colin DeFord has my vote and I’m excited about what lies ahead.

Erin Ruzek
Park City