Colin DeFord

Fat Brain Group, LP



Growth and development are inevitable. In the Snyderville Basin, we need tools that we currently do not have in our code toolbox, to effectively manage and steer growth to areas that we, as citizens, feel are more appropriate for density. 


Changing out lightbulbs for more energy-efficient LED bulbs and replacing thermostats are a sure step in the right direction, as far as sustainability is concerned, but there is still so much more to be done.

We must continue the work of setting an example in our public buildings, with the use of reclaimed resources, energy and co-generation, water use, landscaping and design. 


Code updates

The Snyderville Basin Planning Commission has been hard at work on development code updates.  As a County Councilperson, I would like to see those code updates through to resolution.


  1. transfer of density to areas that are more appropriate;
  2. dark skies;
  3. sustainability improvements;
  4. affordable housing;
  5. zone improvements.

Park City Tech Park

It has become clear that the Tech Park is not working as had been planned. The SPA agreement contemplates a technology park with uses primarily limited to technology and research. 

Without the connection to a major University and the lack of available workforce in the Basin, i recommend a complete do-over of the SPA agreement, to a mixed-use center, which I believe would better suit the needs of this community.